I have a ZTE V9C 7" tablet with 800MHz MSM7227 processor, Snapdragon family (ARM architecture?), Android 2.3, and I want to have a (very lightweight) Linux running on it (I know Android uses a Linux kernel). I also have a physical keyboard and a stylus for it; my worries are regarding the drivers for these (the keyboard is a must because I love vim). A 3G network card OR a wifi driver is also a must for programming. And not to forget, the SD card storage support.

I want to use it for programming in/using Python, C, and Git (and an optional web browser in 'switchable' GUI) (desired: startx to start GUI etc). vim is a must for me to do development; I would like it to work well.

Also, it would be nice to be able to dual-boot with Android, in case I can't get drivers for all the hardware (e.g. the camera, phone antenna, etc.)

Is it possible to have such a Linux machine?

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You can run a chrooted Linux, e.g. Debian or openSUSE. I would expect 3G and wifi to work (since they would be handled by the Android kernel). The problem usually is the graphic card, which is (afaik) usually worked around by using VNC to connect to the chroot environment.

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    But running chrooted will hamper the performance as compared to directly running on top of hardware won't it? The tab is already weak with 800Mhz processor, 512MB ROM and 512 MB RAM.
    – 0xc0de
    Dec 14, 2012 at 5:21

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