I would like to know where the gnome apps are installed. Are they compiled and only exist in the binary form in usr/bin?

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The shortcuts of applications are stored you can go to


These places have a .desktop file in which all the asset details are stored including which file to execute when opening these shortcuts. You can also edit these desktop files and add one of your own

  • Thanks! I was trying to find an application (but when right-clicking and choosing "Show Details", Snap manager in Ubuntu would show nothing). A simple search of those directories helped. Jul 20, 2023 at 20:41

Gnome applications are installed like any other software package on your Linux distribution.

Applications written using a compiled language are in a binary form. Those written in an interpreted language are not.

Concerning the installation location, it depends on the package provided by your Linux distribution. /usr/bin is the usual location of the executable while /usr/lib contains the program libraries and /usr/share the assets.

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