I try to write some Data in a CSV file by a Python3 script. If I run this direct in the CMD it works very well, but if i run it by cron ( setted up by crontab -e) it does not work.

Now I've found out that I need the direct path (hardcoded in my code as a constant string) to this file.

But my first approach was confusing me. I run the command Path(os.getcwd()).joinpath('Data/test.csv') and get the correct path /home/pi/Documents/Project/Data/test.csv. But as i run it by a cron, the path was /home/pi/Data/test.csv.

The project is located at /home/pi/Documents/Project/. Why Path(os.getcwd()).joinpath('Data/test.csv') returns an other path, than a direct call by cmd?

What could i change that i've the same behavior in a cron and in a comandline call of my scirpt?


This is my crontab entry:
00 9,15 * * * python3 /home/pi/Documents/Projects/temperatureCheck/temperatureCheck.py

  • Your command line runs in /home/pi/Documents/Project. Cron runs in your home directory. How would crontab know which current directory you might change to in your terminal session? Apr 27 '20 at 14:12

Prefix your crontab command with:

cd /home/pi/Documents/Project && ...

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