I am in the US and use a US-layout keyboard. However, I am doing a Korean language class and have a need to be able to type in Korean. I have downloaded and installed ibus with the korean language pack; however, I am finding it difficult to use, as I am having to guess where the keys are for the Korean letters.

Is there a graphical keyboard available in Linux that would allow me to pick Korean letters using the mouse (similar to a smart phone)? Perhaps there is a feature in ibus somewhere that I have missed?


xvkbd seems to have a Korean layout built-in. Otherwise try alternativeto which lists florence, maliit, and onboard Also, not what you want, but gkbd-keyboard-display (which doesnt need gnome desktop) shows you a keyboard and highlights the keys as you type.

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  • Thanks for your answer. I haven't seen xvkbd before, but I will give it a try and some of the other ones you listed, if that doesn't help. – Time4Tea Apr 29 at 15:01

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