I want to set up a headless GNU/Linux (Ubuntu 20.04) PC with full disk encryption, with the ability to unlock the disks either with a USB drive, or by entering a passphrase by keyboard. My starting point is a fresh install using the basic full disk encryption option in the installer, which manages everything besides /boot as a LUKS-encrypted logical volume group and gives me the keyboard option.

It would be ideal to me if I could simply have a small USB stick containing a passphrase that will unlock the disks. Not only would that be handy for servers (where you could leave the USB stick in the server - the goal is to be able to return broken harddisks without having to worry about confidential data), it would also be great for my laptop: Insert the USB stick when booting and remove it after unlocking the cryptodisk. And if the USB-disk breaks, use the keyboard.

How can this be done in a way that will work on a system that runs systemd?

(And if this question seems familiar it is due to: https://stackoverflow.com/a/23451824/363028 - which solved the problem, but is incompatible with systemd.)


On my non-systemd system I use this patch https://gitlab.com/ole.tange/tangetools/tree/master/decrypt-root-with-usb

It searches the root dir of all devices for the file 'cryptkey.txt' and try decrypting with each line as a key. If that fails: Revert to typing in the pass phrase.

And it works exactly how I want, but systemd breaks this, so I cannot use this (at least not directly).

  • From reading the question, you know what you're talking about, so I don't think I have anything to add. One thing got me curious though - why did you want this solved by systemd? How would you want to use it to help with this problem? I'm not sure how you would see this being automated -- would be interesting to find out. – Pedro Apr 29 at 16:30
  • seems too obvious but would this be of use to you? discussion.fedoraproject.org/t/… (the method, not the specifics) – Pedro Apr 29 at 16:35
  • @Pedro I have updated the question: I do not need systemd to do the work. I just need a solution that works on a system running systemd. – Ole Tange Apr 29 at 16:42
  • @Pedro The discussion on Fedora seems to have no fall back to keyboard. – Ole Tange Apr 29 at 16:44
  • Checkout dracut and clevis it should have what you need or at least a good place to put the scritps that you'd need to use. Has fallback keyboard examples as well. github.com/latchset/clevis – Livinglifeback Apr 29 at 17:12

Digging deeper into the actual boot process I do not even need systemd, but can use my patch with few changes. So here is the updated version for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS: https://gitlab.com/ole.tange/tangetools/-/tree/master/decrypt-root-with-usb/ubuntu-20.04

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