I'm trying to understand why some IPv6 requests (not all) seem to return permission denied errors when using tools like ping6, traceroute, curl etc.

I have a secondary WAN connection configured on a router running OpenWrt which has IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity, when pinging certain IPv6 addresses (v4 is fine) I get:

ping6: sendto: Permission denied

However, for other IPv6 addresses they work fine, one example that works is ipv6.google.com, but dns.google over v6 doesn't. However there is IPv6 connectivity as confirmed by working IPv6 sites. I initially thought firewall, but I don't understand why some IPv6 sites work fine and others don't.

I am confused as to why a seemingly random list of sites return permission denied and others are fine. The same occurs with literal IPv6 addresses as well.

What is the sendto: Permission denied error referring to exactly?

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This appears to be specific to OpenWrt and IPv6 source address selection in various scenarios. I came across several references around the issue:

There also seems to be issues with Busybox ping vs iputils-ping packages, it appears to be broken currently.

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