I'm using terminator on debian, and its enconding is set to UTF-8. In most cases this isn't a problem since almost everything that's recent has the encoding set to utf-8 aswell.

When I connect to a specific mysql database that has a different encoding and preform a select the result comes out with some � characaters. When updating tables, the results on the other end also are messed up.

Is there any way to connect to the database (or set the shell) so I can see and write in a different encoding? (latin1 in this case)

  • You said write, but then whet on to describe reading. Which is it? – ctrl-alt-delor Apr 21 at 10:51
  • fixed the title – ddrjm Apr 23 at 13:59
  • luit is used for this. – Thomas Dickey Apr 23 at 18:43

I am using this command:


to create a UTF-8 based window from an environment that is using the mille European default ISO-8859-1

You could do something similar but replace de_DE.UTF-8 with what you need.

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