I'm trying to bind "possible completions" (currently bound to C-d) to the key M-= in Zsh.

The code, therefore, should be:

bindkey "\e=" _list_expansions

but it has no effect!? Do you understand why, and how to fix?

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The widget for the list of possible completions is called list-choices.

bindkey '\e=' list-choices

The widget bound on Ctrl+D by default is list-choices in vi mode and delete-char-or-list in emacs mode.

See info zsh list-choices for details.

  • Dunno how I found out about _list_expansions… (And, btw, I was thinking I was in Emacs mode by default, because I did not have viin EDITOR nor VISUAL, but that does not seem to work, as you pointed it for the key binding to be found on C-d). Thanks a lot! Apr 21, 2020 at 20:21

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