new to Linux in this extended way so apologies if I don't explain things right, but I do believe I have a good understanding of what I've tried and what the issue is, just unsure how to fix it.

My problem is that urxvt always launches on workspace 1. (The problem being it then forces me to move it to the workspace I intended it to launch on each time).

E.g. if I'm on workspace 4, I hit $super+Return, it launches on Workspace 1 so I have to jump back to ws1, and do $super+shift+4 to move it back to Workspace 4.

Okay so firstly, I'm using i3-gaps on Ubuntu 18.04 with unicode-rxvt.

I've discovered that seemingly no matter how I launch urxvt it'll always go to workspace 1.


Just launching urxvt through commandline jumps me to workspace 1 and opens it there.

Adding bindsym $super+Return exec urxvt to ~/.config/i3/config launches it successfully with Win+Enter but jumps me to workspace 1 and opens it there.

Changing back to bindsym $super+Return exec i3-sensible-terminal in ~/.config/i3/config and adding TERMINAL=urxvt to /etc/environment does successfully change the default terminal to urxvt, but also jumps me to workspace 1 and launches it there.

Launching through either dmenu or rofi also jumps me to workspace 1 and launches it there.

As far as I can find through google-fu, urxvt is configured just through ~/.Xresources and I'm seeing no examples of anything workspace related, purely visual customization.

Also just to make sure, yes everything else opens in the workspace I open it in. Not everything is opening in workspace 1.

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    Check the lines in your config file that start with assign and verify that none of them assign urxvt to workspace 1. – Devon Apr 20 at 6:15
  • @Devon absolutely spot on. Thank you so much. – spuro baby Apr 20 at 6:34

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