I am trying to find a file that contains the text "The default interactive shell". I am trying to use the following grep command to find it:

grep -r --exclude-dir='/{var,Volumes,bin,cores,dev,sbin,tmp,usr}' "The default interactive shell" /

however it still searches /usr as shown by this error message:

grep: /usr/bin/sudo: Permission denied

How can I perform a recursive grep and exclude multiple directories without writing multiple --exclude-dir options? The system is OSX 10.15.4.

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    Try removing the single-quotes around the list of directories. Without them, the shell will expand the brace expression to --exclude-dir=/var --exclude-dir=/Volumes --exclude-dir=/bin ... etc. – Gordon Davisson Apr 19 at 18:22
  • Thanks, that worked! – user109923 Apr 20 at 4:27

You are excluding a directory with the literal name /{var,Volumes,bin,cores,dev,sbin,tmp,usr}. This is due to the single quotes. When a brace expansion is quoted, it is no longer a brace expansion, just ordinary text.

To properly let the brace expansion expand, remove the quotes:

grep -R --exclude-dir=/{var,Volumes,bin,cores,dev,sbin,tmp,usr} \
    -F 'The default interactive shell' /

I've also added -F since you're searching with a string, not a regular expression.

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