Say I have a script script.sh. How can I make it execute whenever a bootable medium is inserted? So lets say I stick a bootable cd into my PC, I want script.sh to run on insertion without rebooting my machine. Similar to:

How to run custom scripts upon USB device plug-in?

but I don't want to distinguish between IDs and I want it to affect more than USBs... CDs and Harddrives as well.

Also,if possible, I would really like to pass information about the drive/cd to the script when it is inserted... My script is supposed to create a efi boot entry based on this inserted device, so I need to pass the devices information (port location, label, etc.) to script.sh.



The answer is the same as in How to run custom scripts upon USB device plug-in?. You simply don't specify what you don't need to:


KERNEL=="sd*", ATTRS{vendor}=="Yoyodyne", ATTRS{model}=="XYZ42", ATTRS{serial}=="123465789", RUN+="/pathto/script"

Without caring about the vendor, model, serial:

KERNEL=="sd*", RUN+="/pathto/script"

You can pass parameters to the script, %k for example is substituted by the device name.

Check the man page for the full list and more information.

And I suggest using:

$ udevadm monitor

To debug the rules.

  • I didnt think it would be that easy! Thanks! – ragnvaldr.js Apr 19 '20 at 17:22

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