I'm looking to create a rpm for this tarball and couldn't figure out which files needed to be included in the package after the install. I am used to compiling some code and including the binary output; however, since this is all python and seems to use distutils to install everything is there even bin/executable to include in the package? I thought distutils just adds the module to the appropriate 3rd party python modules dir on the target machine.

If I use:

make install DESTDIR=%{buildroot}

what would be the appropriate output to include in the rpm package, i.e., under %files?

I came across an already made .spec file here which which seemed to include the entire /usr/bin (rpm --eval %{_bindir} expands to /usr/bin on my machine) directory which seemed excessive.

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Have a look at the package in the openSUSE BuildService. You can even try to build it for RHEL if you create your own project there (and add the appropriate repository).

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