I don't know if this is very specific to vsim (executable of Modelsim-Altera) or not, but I will try my chance.

I have an executable which I can run by giving its path to terminal from any working directory:


After typing this, the following is printed to the terminal and application GUI pops up and terminal halts there.

Reading /home/muyustan/altera/13.1/modelsim_ase/tcl/vsim/pref.tcl

Now, that terminal halting there annoys me, and I know that .desktop files are capable of doing this without opening a terminal window if they are configured as Terminal=false.

However, for vsim, when I do Terminal=false and double click on the .desktop file, nothing happens. If I change it to Terminal=true, it works the same way of directly typing to the terminal.

So, what is the reason of this issue, is it solvable or not?

Thanks in advance.

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    Page 4 of the VSim User Guide discusses running VSim in Linux by running ./VSimComposer.sh after navigating to the directory in which it's installed. Perhaps running that file from a .desktop file would make a difference. May 11, 2020 at 17:36
  • @DavidYockey I will try, thanks.
    – muyustan
    May 11, 2020 at 17:37

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Launch "/home/.../vsim -gui", with "Terminal=false".

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