I would like to copy files from a remote Unix machine to a local Windows machine. The remote machine requires a secure connection, and therefore the default Windows tools, such as FTP, don't work. I can run ssh on the local machine to log into the remote machine, but I am not able to run anything to copy the remote files to the local machine, since the local machine doesn't have scp. Is there a way to copy them while sshed into the remote machine? For example, by setting up a pipe to receive the contents of the remote file and save it onto the local machine.

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WinSCP is a graphical file transfer utility for Windows that supports both scp and (by default) sftp, in addition to other file transfer protocols.

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If you install PuTTY that includes a command-line pscp utility, which is PuTTY's equivalent of scp. Documentation on how to use pscp is here.


If you have python on your windows machine, you can try this:


If you do not have python, simpler approach is to install putty Scp


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