I get this error:

X terminal for some input / output, please make sure "xterm" command can be found in your PATH environment

When I

echo $TERM

I get xterm. But xterm cannot be found on my Linux system when I search for, so I can't put path to my C shell.

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    It depends on the system: Debian-based (sudo apt-get install xterm), Redhat (sudo dnf install xterm), Arch (sudo pacman -Sy xterm), Mageia and OpenSUSE differ as well. – Thomas Dickey Apr 12 '20 at 1:32

xterm is just the behavior of your terminal. This has to do with what, say, the clear program sends to your screen when you run it. If you actually want to run the xterm program, you'll have to install it.


sudo apt-get install xterm

Red Hat (thanks Thomas Dickey for the comment):

sudo dnf install xterm

and Arch Linux (another from the comment):

sudo pacman -Sy xterm

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