I have installed Kali Linux on my Windows 10 laptop through the Microsoft store. Now when I use the command iwconfig, it says no wireless extensions next wifi0, wifi1 and wifi2. So I thought my built-in wireless adapter is not capable of monitor mode, however, I have Microsoft Network Monitor 3.4 installed in my Laptop and it successfully captures packets, so to my understanding, my built-in adapter is capable of monitor mode.

My question is essentially why does it say "no wireless extensions" because I won't be able to use airmon-ng unless this is resolved. I'm relatively new to Kali Linux so please forgive if my understanding of the situation is incorrect.

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This feature is not (yet) implemented in WSL.

To add one quote:

fpqc commented on 21 Sep 2016

The way it works right now, the Win32-side networking settings control the kernel, which then controls the LX-side networking. There are no real networking devices set up in /dev on the LX side, at the moment at least.

There are many duplicates of the same type in the WSL issue tracker on github:


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