I am trying to install docker-ce on centos 7 using rpm downloaded from the official site, downloaded the dependencies using yum --downloadonly in a directory and while trying to install the docker-ce RPM i am told that there are unfulfilled dependencies.

I have two questions about the above

  • If / how can a RPM be installed with all its dependencies without worrying about the sequence of the dependencies present in the same directory as the main RPM
  • Can we download all dependencies for a RPM package and install it without internet / local repo access at all ?
  • Are you trying to install the downloaded packages with rpm? Apr 10 '20 at 4:21
  • I am trying to install it using yum localinstall --disablerepo=*
    – Atul
    Apr 10 '20 at 4:23

Alright, after some more hit and trial i was able to install the RPM. Here are the steps i took

Downloaded the depdencies for the main RPM, on installing the RPM's i was prompted to download few more packages, downloaded those too and went till there were nothing in to be downloaded section.

Put all the packages in one directory and did a yum localinstall *.rpm

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