I have a .csv file that contains 3 columns like this:


Is there any way to check whether the second line of this .csv file is empty? Something like this:

if second-line-empty; then
   echo "empty"
   echo "not empty"

In this case, all three fields in the 2nd line should be empty and my file should only contain this line:

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    So you want exactly one line with Name,Last,Value? You talk about the second line being empty, what if it's empty and there's a third (or more) lines that are not empty? Do you know for sure that there will always be at least one line, and that it will contain the header fields? – Andy Dalton Apr 9 at 13:20
  • Would it be enough to detect a single line? – Kusalananda Apr 9 at 13:22
  • @AndyDalton Yes in my intended script, if the second line is empty, it means all the following lines are empty as well, So I just want to know if the 2nd line is empty – Pablo Apr 9 at 13:22
  • @Kusalananda Yes, if my .csv file contains only the first line, I want to be informed. – Pablo Apr 9 at 13:23
if [ "$(wc -l <file.csv)" -eq 1 ]; then
    echo file only contains a single line

This runs wc -l on the file's contents. If this results in a count of 1 line, then the file only contains a single line.

Note that an "empty line" contains a newline character (but nothing else). The code above will detect whether the file does not contain a second line at all, as in the example that you show at the end of the question.

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