I would like your help to find out if I'm using Xorg or Wayland. I followed a tutorial to install gnome, and before installing it, I installed Xorg, BUT, in the About section of the settings it shows that I'm using Wayland.

Does Gnome install Wayland? If yes, would it be safe to uninstall Xorg?


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GNOME Shell implements a Wayland compositor, so yes, it can run without X.org, and act as a Wayland display server. (It doesn’t install Wayland separately, it implements Wayland.) You can choose whether to open a GNOME session using X or Wayland when you log in.

If you no longer need X.org, you can uninstall it. Make sure you don’t uninstall Xwayland, because you’ll still need that to run X programs on your Wayland desktop.

See How to know whether Wayland or X11 is being used to determine whether you’re running X or Wayland.

  • @memezin If running xhost -si:localuser:$USER; xhost in a terminal emulator like gnome-terminal still shows si:localuser:some_user (despite claiming that it has been removed), then you're running Xwayland, and consequently Wayland ;-)
    – mosvy
    Apr 8, 2020 at 14:27
  • @memezin Similarly, if even after removing si:localuser:$USER, doing X11 forwarding with fake auth data still succeeds, then you're running Wayland. xhost -si:localuser:$USER; XAUTHORITY=FOOBAR ssh -Y localhost xlogo will fail on Xorg but succeed on Xwayland/Wayland.
    – mosvy
    Apr 8, 2020 at 14:45

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