I have a string from a latex file that I would like to work on:

\title{This is the title}

I would like to save "This is the title" in a variable, but cannot manage to remove the substrings with the curly brackets, despite my attempts of escaping these.

title=`grep -F "\title" file.tex`

Neither of these work, and putting the curly brackets in single or double quotation mark doesn't either.

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    What operating system are you using? Do you have GNU grep? – terdon Apr 6 at 10:24

Assuming that $title is the string \title{This is the title}:


The { in the first parameter substitution does not need to be escaped (escaping it won't make it not work though), but the } in the second needs escaping. In the first one, you additionally need * to match the \title bit in the string, alternatively use ${title#\\title{} to delete the explicit string \title{.

You seem to get the % and # mixed up in your code, and you forgot the * in the substitution that removes the prefix string.

Assuming no title string spans more than a single line, you may get all those strings out of a document with

sed -n 's/.*\\title{\([^}]*\)}.*/\1/p' file

This matches (the first) \title{SOMETHING} on each line, and replaces the whole line with the SOMETHING substring. All other data is discarded.

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If you're using bash, you can use its regex facilities instead:

title='\title{This is the title}'
[[ $title =~ \{(.*)\} ]] && title=${BASH_REMATCH[1]}
echo "title=$title"

title=This is the title

That's, assuming you really need to do this in bash. If that stuff comes from a file, you better use tools better suited to extract and parse data from files, like grep, awk, perl, or tex itself.

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I wouldn't try to do this in the shell. Just parse the output of grep before saving in a variable:

title=$(grep -F '\title' file.tex | sed s'/.*{\(.*\)}/\1/')


title=$(grep -F '\title' file.tex | awk -F'[{}]' '{print $2}')

Or, if you have GNU grep, or any other implementation that supports -o and -P, you can do:

title=$(grep -oP '\\title\{\K[^}]+' file.tex)
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