I need to add </span> before every following <span.* aka. the "endig tag" for all rows in the "page".

example row:

<span class="bold">│<span class="f9"> 1,245,732 <span class="f0"><span class="bold">│<span class="f9"> —             <span class="f0">

Fiddled with sed, but just can't get it working...

Please help for I know this is trivial for some/most of you.


For a given line on the format that you show, the following would add </span> before each <span , and then remove the one that was added at the very start and add one at the very end.

sed -e 's,<span ,</span>&,g' -e 's,^</span>,,' -e 's,$,</span>,'

I'm using commas as delimiters in the s commands as the strings that we use contains /.

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  • THANKS! , I ended up with: sed -e 's,<span ,</span>&,g' -e 's,^</span>,,' -e 's,(<span.*)$,\1</span>,' for Your command adds </span> at the end of EVERY line and I have other kind of lines as well. – Antti Lagus Apr 6 at 5:57
  • sed -e 's,<span ,</span>&,g' -e 's,^</span>,,' -e 's,\(<span.*\)$,\1</span>,' of course.. :) – Antti Lagus Apr 6 at 6:09

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