I'm a little confused, the output from the printf is different than specified in the FORMAT argument:

$ echo "$PWD_HASH"
$ PWD_JSON=$(printf '{"password": "%s"}' "$PWD_HASH")
$ echo "$PWD_JSON" 
"}password": "{SHA512-CRYPT}$6$ZLgRL2DZSKYUCzht$PaTcpkoOi6P6p9ItIjRTL00MCB/8IU.fJbGk9EO/LxUAgZwGASO6qXNSNSzxQRBGjNiPpiArgwOacZSG5A6FL1

How / why? How to get the desired output?

If I pass the string directly (not from the variable), then I get the expected output:

$ PWD_JSON=$(printf '{"password": "%s"}' '{SHA512-CRYPT}$6$ZLgRL2DZSKYUCzht$PaTcpkoOi6P6p9ItIjRTL00MCB/8IU.fJbGk9EO/LxUAgZwGASO6qXNSNSzxQRBGjNiPpiArgwOacZSG5A6FL1')
$ echo "$PWD_JSON"
{"password": "{SHA512-CRYPT}$6$ZLgRL2DZSKYUCzht$PaTcpkoOi6P6p9ItIjRTL00MCB/8IU.fJbGk9EO/LxUAgZwGASO6qXNSNSzxQRBGjNiPpiArgwOacZSG5A6FL1"}

Just to complement the accepted answer, here in my PWD_HASH I have output from the docker exec -t. Apparently line-endings used by TTY are CRLF (\r\n), hence the unexpected \r...

  • Downvoters please leave a comment. – NarūnasK Apr 5 '20 at 11:38
  • How is it different? I tried to reproduce and got {"password": "{SHA512-CRYPT}$6$ZLgRL2DZSKYUCzht$PaTcpkoOi6P6p9ItIjRTL00MCB/8IU.fJbGk9EO/LxUAgZwGASO6qXNSNSzxQRBGjNiPpiArgwOacZSG5A6FL1"}, is this what you expect? – Arkadiusz Drabczyk Apr 5 '20 at 11:52
  • @ArkadiuszDrabczyk Yes, this is what I expect, see the edit. – NarūnasK Apr 5 '20 at 11:56
  • Side note: shell variable names should be lower-case. (there is a standard somewhere, it stops you colliding with environment variables). – ctrl-alt-delor Apr 5 '20 at 12:33

Your variable PWD_HASH contains a carriage return \r at the end of the string which moves the last two characters "} to the beginning of the output.


$ PWD_HASH='{SHA512-CRYPT}abcde'$'\r'
$ PWD_JSON=$(printf '{"password": "%s"}' "$PWD_HASH")
$ echo "$PWD_HASH"
$ echo "$PWD_JSON"
"}password": "{SHA512-CRYPT}abcde
$ echo "$PWD_JSON" | od -c
0000000   {   "   p   a   s   s   w   o   r   d   "   :       "   {   S
0000020   H   A   5   1   2   -   C   R   Y   P   T   }   a   b   c   d
0000040   e  \r   "   }  \n
  • Also, printf -v PWD_JSON 'format string' values (as a convenience in place of an awkward command substitution). – Kusalananda Apr 12 '20 at 11:08

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