I am left baffled how to correctly set PATH under Gnome Wayland (using Manjaro 19.x)

I want to set PATH=${HOME}/bin:${PATH}:${GOROOT}/bin

GOROOT is set in .config/environment.d/go.conf as


What I tried:

  • $HOME/.pam_environment:

    PATH DEFAULT=${HOME}/bin:${PATH}:${GOROOT}/bin

    PATH is somehow set: $HOME/bin is added twice (why?) and the expansion of GOROOT doesn't happen. It seems that systemd setting environment variables in $HOME/.environment.d/*.conf happens later than pam?

  • $HOME/.config/environment.d/*.conf works for many variables I try to set in there but PATH is ignored.

  • setting PATH in .profile is ignored

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    Do you have a ~/.bash_profile file? If you do, and use bash, ~/.profile would be ignored. – Kusalananda Apr 5 at 10:25
  • Yes, that DID work! I am really astonished that this works as I am a relatively new Wayland Plasma --> Wayland Gnome convert and setting environment variables in bash* config files did not work there. Still confused as why setting PATH in config/envirionemnt.d/*.conf does not work. – JohnDoe Apr 5 at 15:35
  • You are consistently misspelling "environment" as "envirionemnt" or "environemnt" maybe that's why? – Kusalananda Apr 5 at 15:37
  • Yes, misspelled, sorry, on the file system I use environment – JohnDoe Apr 5 at 15:41

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