I have some command which produces output with no new line at the end, like this

Myprompt$ somecmd

Currently I overcome this by somecmd | sed 's/$/\n/' | tr -s '\n' Is there a better way to do this?


Just run echo after it, it should generate a newline

Myprompt$ somecmd ; echo

And If you need to feed it to something else, run it in a sub-shell:

Myprompt$ ( somecmd ; echo ) | someothercmd

Or.. as @camh points out, the subshell is actually not needed you can execute it with a command list in the current shell environment with:

Myprompt$ { somecmd ; echo ; } | someothercmd
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Feed it through some utility which read input in lines and output lines, like in awk { print $0 }.

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