When I do the "Clear scrollback & reset" command in Konsole, while using ZSH (with Oh-My-Zsh), the latter loses ability to search backward in history using up arrow key.

I.e. when I print a prefix for desired command in prompt the up-key usually shows the last command with this prefix. But after reset it simply shows the previous command with no regard to the prefix I entered.

Simple example:

  1. ➜ ~ type prefix_ Up
  2. ➜ ~ prefix_command (good)
  3. ➜ ~ just_last_command (bad)

How to fix this?

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Judging from this comment in KDE's bug tracker, that behavior appears to be intentional:

The terminal emulator has a set of state information […] 'reset' puts all this back to the state of the terminal when it was first started.

The main reason you'd have to use reset is if the terminal starts behaving strangely.

If you want to clear the scrollback only, without resetting the terminal, use View → Clear Scrollback. Or if you just want to clear the screen, press CtrlL.

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