I like to be able to save the output of a shell command as a PNG image without losing the formatting. Kind of like taking a screenshot of the output.

some-command-with-color | text-to-png a.png

I know this command converts text to PNG, but it doesn’t preserve color:

tldr -c tldr | convert -page  4000x4000 -font FreeMono -pointsize 20  -background white -trim +repage -bordercolor white  -border 15 text:- png:a.png

enter image description here

  • @terdon Not really, there is no running terminal emulator to take a screenshot of. I want a script to convert ansi output to png.
    – HappyFace
    Mar 31 '20 at 14:24

A program that does that is ansilove. It is already packaged for many distributions.

For example:

$ ls --color > /tmp/output.ansi
$ ansilove -o /tmp/output.png /tmp/output.ansi

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