H, I want to replace specific character matches (.) in all rows, using the first line as a reference

My attempt at re-hashing an answer I got to a different question:

awk -F'|' 'BEGIN{OFS=FS} NR==1 {for(i=1;i<=NF;i++) a[$i] } NR>1 {for(i in a) if( $i == "\." ) $i="a"}1'

...the idea of the re-work I tried in the above code was to store the first row characters in 'a', and then when seeing a '.' in rows>1 changing the '.' to the corresponding column character stored in 'a'. But its not worked.



Desired Output:


Right idea - wrong implementation

  1. you need to store the field values in an array indexed by the field position. So instead of a[$i], make that a[i]=$i

  2. then you need to look up the values by index in the array. So not $i="a" but $i=a[i]

As an aside, $i == "\." isn't a regular expression test, so you don't need to escape .

$ awk -F'|' 'BEGIN{OFS=FS} NR==1 {for(i=1;i<=NF;i++) a[i]=$i } NR>1 {for(i in a) if( $i == "." ) $i=a[i]}1' file

As Ed Morton pointed out, you can improve the solution by replacing the explicit loop using the awk built-in split function:

awk -F'|' 'BEGIN{OFS=FS} NR==1 {split($0,a)} NR>1 {for(i in a) if( $i == "." ) $i=a[i]}1'
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  • Thanks steeldriver, it worked great and I really appreciate the explanation, as most importantly your answer has improved my understanding – Giles Mar 30 at 18:03
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    @EdMorton good point - added, thanks – steeldriver Mar 30 at 18:11

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