I have successfully installed Bliss OS on my hard disk partition and have the Grub bootloader. install location I can boot windows from grub but I want to use the metro bootloader as it supports touchscreen. I have a pc-tablet hybrid (Dell Lattitude 7350) and sometimes don't have the keyboard dock, so I want to boot Android and Windows from metro bootloader. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • This does not seem to be a question about Unix. This site is about Unix: UNIX, BSD, Gnu/Linux. Android uses the Linux kernel, but is not Gnu/Linux. Sorry that this site's tile confuses Gnu/Linux and Linux, as many people do. This question is a good example of the danger of this confusion. – ctrl-alt-delor Mar 30 at 7:24
  • Then, which section do I move to? I thought Android was basically Linux so I asked the question here. – Muhammad Ahmed Nasir Mar 30 at 7:54
  • See gnu.org/gnu/linux-and-gnu.html Gnu/Linux (often mistakenly and confusingly call Linux), is Gnu + Linux + often other components). Android also contains Linux (but not Gnu/Linux). If you feel confused, it is because it is starting to make sense. Where is an android site android.stackexchange.com/questions However I don't think it is a good fit there. You could try superuser.com/questions – ctrl-alt-delor Mar 30 at 14:29

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