Surprisingly hard to find a good example of this one. Say I have this command:

ps -aeF

the 7th column is the processor # (?). I just want to filter by processses running on the 2nd core. How can I do that? The problem of course if if I do:

ps -aeF | awk '{print $7}' | grep 2

then I only get single column not printing all the columns..

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    You mean like ... | awk '$7==2' ? – steeldriver Mar 30 at 0:45
  • yeah like that please add an answer, that is nicer than the if block that I had in my awk command so it's an improvement on what I found with my search – Alexander Mills Mar 30 at 1:06

Awk scripts consist of pairs of patterns and actions that are executed when the pattern evaluates logically true. So you can use

... | awk '$7==2 {print}'

or more succinctly, because {print} is the default action

... | awk '$7==2'
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