I am working on a linux server and need to monitor the gpu load of an AMD GPU. Unfortunately I do not have super user rights so I cannot install radeontop. Is there another way to monitor amd gpu load?

System Info:

LSB Version:    :core-4.1-amd64:core-4.1-noarch:cxx-4.1-amd64:cxx-4.1-noarch:desktop-4.1-amd64:desktop-4.1-noarch:languages-4.1-amd64:languages-4.1-noarch:printing-4.1-amd64:printing-4.1-noarch
Distributor ID: CentOS
Description:    CentOS Linux release 7.4.1708 (Core) 
Release:    7.4.1708
Codename:   Core

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As a simple user you can acces to /sys/class/drm/ which gives you many informations about all the gpus in your system.
They are listed as card0 card1 and so on..

I'm using Radeon VII as a simple user you can get many informations from your GPU.
cat /sys/class/drm/card0/device/gpu_busy_percent gpu core usage.
cat /sys/class/drm/card0/device/mem_busy_percent gpu memory usage.
cat /sys/class/drm/card0/device/mem_info_vram_used memory used.

Under /sys/class/drm/card*/device/hwmon/hwmon*/ many more informations are available such as temperature, voltage, frequency

I strongly recommend to you to get a tour of the /sys/class/drm directories and see all informations you can read as user.

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