I am installing Debian on an (old) Atom chip, i386 Kernel, and choose not to proceed with any GUI. Meanwhile, I see Gnome packages being installed. Is this normal? Why?

  • Don't know. What packages are being installed? – ctrl-alt-delor Mar 28 at 21:42
  • I don't know either. During install screen, they go too fast. Is it expected to have any Gnome package in a terminal-only install? – fde-capu Mar 28 at 23:12
  • Only you know what you asked to be installed. – ctrl-alt-delor Mar 29 at 10:08

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You can get a full list of installed packages with e.g. dpkg --get-selections | less.

If you selected to install a tool that has both text-based and GUI interface, it may have dependencies to some X11 and/or GNOME libraries. That is usually pretty harmless.

Also, with X11, it is perfectly possible to run a system with no display and no GPU at all, and still have GUI applications running on that system and sending their output to a remote display on some other system. That's why "no local GUI" does not necessarily mean "no GUI applications installed at all".

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  • Nice point, and thank you for clarifying. I believe I saw gnome package names quickly passing through the install status, but then when finished, they have actually been ignored for the TTY-only Debian. – fde-capu Mar 30 at 11:41

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