I've changed my password to X and the shadow file has changed to:


I see the encrypted X as $1$oYINSKjP$eCkCtJV/2dXerAD57WQPj/. How can I retrieve the encrypted X without changing the password? openssl or any other command to use?


Your password isn't encrypted. It is hashed.

A salted MD5 hash has been generated and written to /etc/shadow. You cannot retrieve original value.

The original value X has been hashed in this format: $id$salt$encrypted - id == 1 stands for MD5 (see NOTES on manpage of crypt(3))

  • Thanks. Now how can I hash X into $id$salt$encrypted on the command line? – lashgar Dec 5 '12 at 12:43
  • 4
    openssl passwd -1 -salt salt password – otokan Dec 5 '12 at 12:57

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