My Thinkpad X220 runs Mint Linux 19.3 Tricia. it's not dual boot. When I tried to upgrade recently the new kernel was 5.3.0-42 but it won't boot that so currently using 5.0.0-32. I get error messages USB not accepting address error -110. Eventually it just hangs or I get bored and power off! Same happens if I try a live Ubuntu USB stick. I've edited my GRUB menu so the working kernel is default but I'd like to use the latest. I don't even know how to retrieve the error logs from the failed boot. When I use dmesg I just get the stuff that is currently working. Can anyone help please.


I have done all updates on my X220 running kernel 5.3.0-53-generic with no problem.

Try adding noapic on the Linux line in the boot configuration.

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