I've recent removed opera-developer from my kde-neon system however I still see mounts from unit-mount nodes for opera-developer revision 80, 68, 90. These per-static mounts are slowing down the boot process. I'd like to remove them completely.

  • [Solved] its all part of the snap pkg management platform. Just because you remove the software package it doesn't necessary cleanup old snap mounts. Using "mount" I can see all the snaps I've installed and that get started at boot time. – de.doughboy Mar 28 at 12:36
  • [solved with] $>>snap remove --purge opera-developer, – de.doughboy Mar 28 at 12:43
  • tip view snaps under /var/lib/snapd/snaps use ll – de.doughboy Mar 28 at 12:46

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