Good Day - newbie here with a couple of questions.

I am just learning about Raspberry Pi 4 and associated versions, I have also read several very positive articles on MicroK8s capabilities: redundancy, fault tolerance, load sharing, etc. I have several RPI4s setup: NAS, Openhab, and PLEX.

My first question is - can I create a cluster and run all these programs/functions from the one cluster? I think the answer is yes. (The Devil is always in the details of setup, but one thing at a time.) Am I correct?

Would each of these functions (NAS, OpenHAB, PLEX) be running in containers within MicroK8s program?

Next question: I have several windows 10 (32/64bit programs) I would like to run on the cluster to offload the work from my windows laptop. My research has shown I would need to load WINE to be able to run these Windows Programs (I checked - there are no Linux compatible software). These make a leap of faith the windows programs will run in WINE (I am reviewing WINEHQ). Am I correct?

Nest and last question: What is the sequence I would install all these various programs?

Install Raspian first (got that) then MicroK8s, then the various programs - one on each RPi4?

Rr first, install Raspian, then the various program on the various RPI4s in the cluster (not the master node) and then install MicroK8s on each?

Would I need to install WINE on all the RPI4 nodes?

Any and all help is appreciated and many thanks in advance, TripleD

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