Guys please help me enabling audio via xfreeRdp. It works for me better then remmina. Only issue I have is audio

I can hear remote (Windows 7) PC audio (rg from youtube) on my Linux box only when Im connecting via remmina. Can manage same via xfreeRdp command line. Is there any way to see what params Remmina passes to xfreerdp ?

what I've tried:

--plugin drdynvc --data audin -- server
--plugin rdpsnd --data pulse -- server
/sound /microphone:sys:alsa

Nothing of above was working...

PS my linux laptop is My laptop is Lenovo x220

xfreerdp verison: 1.1.0-beta1


It seems Ive resolved that by installing freerdp2

sudo apt-get install freerdp2-x11

then it was enough to use /sound switch

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