I use Manjaro Architect 19.0 I've created ext4 partition /dev/sda2 with parted

Then I go to luks encryption, select my partition and choose "automatic luks format". It asks for passphrase twice. If I enter password containing a backslash \ symbol followed by a letter, for example, \a then it says that my passwords do not match. Is it possible to enter such a combination?

UPD: If type \a on first step and \\a on the second then it works. But how my password actually looks now? \a or \\a?


I have found the answer in the source code of installer. To compare passwords the following expression is used now:

[[ $PASSWD != $PASSWD2 ]]

It fails with my given examples. If change to:

[[ "$PASSWD" != "$PASSWD2" ]]

It will work. I will report this case to devs of Manjaro

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