I just upgraded to a 3rd gen Ryzen processor for rendering and I can't monitor CPU temps. Apparently, support for this is added in Kernel 5.4. Update Manager says the system is up to date, but I'm on 5.0.

Articles online mention "mainline" but say it's not for production use. How can I get an official/production/stable 5.4 kernel on 19.3? (besides "wait for the next OS release").

  • The latest stable kernel release for Mint 19.3 is v5.3. If you want something newer, try this: computingforgeeks.com/… – ajgringo619 Mar 26 at 3:53
  • After adding the repo per the article, I get Unable to locate package ukuu. – Nick Mar 26 at 14:34
  • Did you run sudo apt update? – ajgringo619 Mar 26 at 15:40
  • @ajgringo619: yes – Nick Mar 27 at 1:40
  • I just checked his website - teejeetech.in/ukuu - and it looks like the free version of Ukuu is no longer being developed. – ajgringo619 Mar 27 at 2:25

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