My Lenovo x1 Gen4 has an Intel "Sunrise Point-LP HD Audio" and I'm trying to record audio through the onboard mic.

In Alsa "List all PCMs" (arecord -L) show many different PCM's (for my one sound card). Selecting a certaine one ("plughw:CARD=PCH,DEV=0") in arecord works, the other PCM's do not work.

So I'm either looking for a way to change the default pcm to plughw, or to have Pulseaudio pick my working alsa PCM.

This answer seems to come close to what I need, but in playback rather than recording.

Anything I can try or hints in the right direction are most welcome, thanks in advance!

  • PulseAudio ignores most of the ALSA configuration; the default device must be set in, e.g., pavucontrol.
    – CL.
    Mar 25, 2020 at 21:51
  • Thanks for your feedback. In pavucontrol the input device is not shown. ("No input devices available") I'm completely out of my depth I'm afraid. Anything I can do/try/read?
    – Joris
    Mar 26, 2020 at 11:42

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To answer my own question:

cat ~/.asoundrc

pcm.!default { 
 type plug 
 slave { 
 pcm "plughw:0,0" 

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