I have been using VeraCrypt for a while now and it seems good. I have a large encrypted disk image that is stored on an external hard drive. I use VeraCrypt on my 2017 MBP running macOS 10.14, and haven’t had a problem with it before.

However, today I mounted the disk image in VeraCrypt. It was working fine. I then tried to drag a folder into the trash using Apple’s default DE and it removed everything. But upon unmounting the disk image, it wouldn’t allow me to remount the image. I then restarted my computer as it was going very slowly (both VeraCrypt and the DE), and now VeraCrypt would not open. I even reinstalled it using homebrew cask’s zap command, but it still didn’t open. I even tried restarting it again and running.


It would indeed open VeraCrypt — however, it was now saying that hdiutil could not mount the disk image.

I assumed that maybe I had corrupted it, so I plugged in the hard drive to my Linux machine and mounted it. It worked fine, just as usual, and I could see all of my data, so I am no longer worried about having corrupted it.

My question is: does anyone know what product of macOS might be causing this?

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