I would like to have a simultaneous audio output to a connected bluetooth speaker and the normal audio jack at the same time.

The audio output via the bluetooth works already, but I can't get it running for the audio jack. Here is my /etc/asound.conf:

defaults.bluealsa.device "XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX"
defaults.bluealsa.profile "a2dp"
defaults.bluealsa.slave.pcm "jack"

pcm.rawjack {
    type jack
    playback_ports {
        0 system:playback_1
        1 system:playback_2
    capture_ports {
        0 system:capture_1
        1 system:capture_2

pcm.jack {
    type plug
    slave { pcm "rawjack" }
    hint {
        description "JACK Audio Connection Kit"

Do you have an idea?

Btw: I'm using a raspberry pi gen. 3

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