NCP Webdav functionality was verified from an Ubuntu device. From the OSX command line terminal:

mount_webdav -i https://fqdn.duckdns.org/remote.php/webdav/ /Users/user/ncp 

points to a nextcloudPi server and did not return anything (except a prompt for the username + password).

Test 1:

ls /Users/user/ncp

returned nothing.

Test 2:

 mount | grep Users/user/ncp

returned nothing.


  1. Where to begin troubleshooting?
  2. What does success look like upon issuing the mount_webdav command?
  3. Should test 2 be expected to return anything?

Any diagnostic test questions are appreciated.


You might have more luck with my tool ocsmount.

It can mount a Nextcloud server that will show up in your file system.


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