I was running GNURoot Debian on my android to get a debian environment (as I am a student and can't afford a PC). I have some image files in a directory and want to copy them all at the same time so I typed the following command

$ cp -v *.png destination

But I got the following error

cp: cannot stat '*.png' : No such file or directory

I understood the error but I can't understand why this happens.

I will be glad if someone can answer me and provide me with an alternate method or solution.

  • edit your question with the output of ls with the directory which *.png files recide.
    – programmer
    Mar 21, 2020 at 21:59

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This error is being thrown when there are no files matching the wildcard. Please check if you can see and access these files with ls. In case you cannot, modifying their permission to be accessible should solve the problem.

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