I'm quite new to Linux and managed to screw up my desktop (KDE) royally... I wanted to change my global window transparency and set it to 0% opacity, instead of 0% transparency, as I had intended.

I used the procedure described here: https://userbase.kde.org/Tutorials/Force_Transparency_And_Blur

Obviously, I cannot take the same route back, because all KDE setting windows ae fully transparent as well.

My idea is to remove the rule that I applied manually via TTY. However, I could not find it under ~\.kde4. I also did a restore via timeshift, but that did not help. Apparently the rules are stored somewhere in root or home, because these directories are excluded from the snapshots.

Any help is greatly appreciated, because a fully transparent desktop quite impedes productivity.


Ok, I managed to solve it by myself. Here is what I did:

The tutorial that I linked in the question mentioned the config key opacityactive.

I already knew, that the config file had to be somewhere in ~ or /root. So I started TTY with ctrl + alt + F6 and went to both of these directories and issued grep -rnw . -e 'opacityactive=100'. And there it was: ~/.config/kwinrulesrc

So I just edited the file with nano ~/.config/kwinrulesrc and changed




Finally, I rebooted the system with sudo reboot.

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