I just installed an Nvidia GPU, with the properitery Nvidia drivers, for better speed & support.

The text console's resolution feels very small compared to the actual resolution of 1920x1080. I've googled around and the only thing I've found is using GRUB with:


I'm using rEFInd and Btrfs, and would prefer to not use GRUB at all.

So is there any other way to change the text console's resolution?

I've tried including resolution 1920 1080 and resolution 0 in /etc/refind.d/refind.conf, with no effect. The vga=ask kernel option also has no effect.

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Googling I found tty resolution (nvidia, PSA-ish?) : archlinux.

The setting use_graphics_for linux in /etc/refind.d/refind.conf does indeed give a native resolution.

The issue is that it hides kernel parameters. Any alternative solution that shows the kernel parameters too would be ideal.

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