I'm using a bluetooth receiver to output audio to my earphones.

I'm using the A2DP standard, and nothing changes relative to that. Linux isn't changing the profile nor is the transfer rate dropping during the problem, it keeps close to 40.87 KB/s, which translates to 327 kbps.

Yet, after an arbitrary time, the audio quality suddenly drops and doesn't gets better unless I close the connection and re-connect the device.

However, it doesn't sound nothing like what you'd expect of a lowered quality due to reduced transfer rate or higher compression. It still has trebles well reproduced and all depth that it had, but there's a mid-pitched "clicking" sound together, exactly like when the mids are clipping a little bit (but reducing the volume of neither the system output or the source application solves this).

What could be happening?

May be a problem in my device?

Note: I had another bluetooth receiver that had a similar problem when the batery was dying. It was still a bit different though, and I installed a 2500 mAh battery in this one, it takes over a week to discharge, so it's not going to have fluctations out of nowhere.

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