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echo "bharti+bharti-ims+bharti-sdm+RuleForBhartiOnlyIndices+kibana_user" | sed -e 's/^/"/g' -e 's/+/","/g' -e 's/$/\"/g'

This is working fine and am getting the desired output where the line terminator is LF. As soon as i edit the file in windows and save it the line terminator LF is replaced by CRLF. And the last sed expression where i replace end of line $ with " is failing and getting unexpected result. Unexpected Result:


Look at the missing " at the the end.

Any sed experts out there who can come for my rescue please :).


The quote is actually there, but it has replaced the initial quote when printing to screen:

$ printf '%s\r\n' 'foo' | sed -e 's/^/"/g' -e 's/+/","/g' -e 's/$/\"/g' | od --format c
0000000   "   f   o   o  \r   "  \n

\r/CR/carriage return, moves the position of the virtual cursor used to output text to the start of the line, so the final " ends up overwriting (in the terminal only) the first quote.

You may want to send the input through dos2unix first, unless you're willing to add sed expressions to handle \r.

  • Thank you, i couldn't think of the dos2unix utility. – Sathish Prakasam Mar 16 '20 at 6:01

You can refine the sed expression to eliminate the \r in case it's there:

sed -e 's/^/"/' -e 's/+/","/g' -e 's/\r*$/"/' file

As begin-of-line and end-of line exist just once in a line, the g flag can be dropped. No need to escape the double quotes in the "replacement". Use "alternation" to further simplify:

sed -e 's/^\|\r*$/"/g' -e 's/+/","/g' file

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