I often have several java programs running and I can't tell which one needs to be killed. The command section of the process table only shows java, but doesn't tell me which jar or class files it is running. Edit: Is there a way to see more of the command call from withing KSysGuard?

  1. ps aux | grep java
  2. You look for the Process ID(PID) of the process you want and then you use kill command (for how to use kill read my post here)

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An alternative: ps -fp $(pgrep -d, -x java) or you might use htop or top and search for java

  • Something staying with ksysguard would be prefered. – Blake Aug 19 '10 at 16:54

A GUI alternative to Ksysguard is qps. It's perhaps less visually appealing that ksysguard, but it shows a lot more information, including the whole command line.


You want the wide output option "w". Using it three times will allow unlimited width.

ps auxwww
  • I was hoping there is a way to see more of the command within ksysguard. – Blake Aug 19 '10 at 16:54

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