I am relatively new to Linux and I was reading a book for LPIC-1. Reading the module part I was checking my modules and noticed that some modules don't have a description.

ac97_bus, autofs4, cdrom, crc32_pclmul, crypto_simd, glue_helper, hid, jbd2, sunrpc, usb_common, usbcore

I tried Google but I didn't find any answer there, or on this site either.

So, can you tell me why those modules don't have a description?

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It's not mandatory for a Linux kernel module to have a description filled in. If one does have it, you can find it in the module source code as a MODULE_DESCRIPTION declaration like this:


which you can inspect via modinfo on the .ko object:

$ modinfo snd_hda_intel
filename:       /lib/modules/5.3.0-40-generic/kernel/sound/pci/hda/snd-hda- 
description:    Intel HDA driver
license:        GPL

But to make it short - as that's just for documentation purposes, some modules simply don't have it.

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