I have recently install Debian 10 "buster" xfce. I am now facing issues with the network manager applet in the panel.

The problem is that it does not detect and show the current means of internet(like ethernet or wifi or usb tethering) and its speed. Although internet works fine and all the options work fine like choosing wifi hotspots and enabling or disabling wired/wireless networks, etc.

The applet is same as system monitor applet but does not work.

However, when I manually entered the 'name' ofenter image description here the current means of internet (usb tethering) it works immediately. Hence, i want this to be automatic.

enter image description here

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This is a Network Monitor to monitor the network traffic.

The network manager applet nm-applet is provided by network-manager-gnome package:

sudo apt install network-manager-gnome

From the terminal:

nm-applet &

After installing network-manager-gnome , you will be able to add the network manager applet to your panel.

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install nm-tray - simple NetworkManager front end.

sudo apt install nm-tray

as add to @GAD3R for centos 8 The network manager applet nm-applet is provided by network-manager-applet

yum install network-manager-applet

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